Be A Cuckold Cum Eater in 3 Easy Steps



While you might have never thought about eating your own cum, the idea of being a Cuckold Cum Eater has finally caught your attention. How would you get to the point that you could finally eat cum – yours or someone else’s?

Let me teach you in 3 easy steps!


Goal: Being a Cum Eating Cuckold


It’s one thing to do things for yourself, but quite another to do something for someone you love. You might never spend $100 on a bottle of wine for yourself, but when courting the woman of your dreams? It is easy and you would do it with joy.


Eating cum isn’t wine, though, is it? Though, just like with wine, the taste of cum is an acquired taste. You might not like it at first, but when you keep the goal in mind, it all falls into place.


Step 1: Tasting Your Own Cum


For so many, this can be the hardest step of all. But I believe in you! Keep that goal in mind and it can be done. If you need help, we Mistresses are here to help with Cum Eating Instructions (CEI).

For those of you who know the urge of wanting to eat your own cum, but only feel the urge plummet when you orgasm, there is a biochemical mechanism in a man’s body that causes this to happen. Your job is to override that reaction. I can help you with that.

The secret is to begin eating your cum before you finish ejaculating. Catch the first rope or two and the lap it up before the urge to eat it vanishes. If you need to, picture the palm of your hand as your lover’s – or her pussy filled with her lover’s cum. Whatever works!


Step 2: Show Off Your New Skills to Your Hotwife


What a fantastic surprise it will be for your partner, to see you cum eating, well on your way to being that Cuckold Cum Eater you were always meant to be. This would be the anniversary or Valentine’s Day present she never expected.

When you are with her next, tell her you have a surprise for her and to wait for you to do something unexpected. When you are making love to her and are ready to cum, pull out, shoot your cum in your hand and then lap it up so loud that she can hear it and so close that she can see it.

I guarantee she will be both shocked and delighted.


Step 3: Be a Cuckold Cum Eater with Gusto


Eating your own cum is one thing, but eating another man’s cum, especially if you are straight, is a whole other thing. You might be great at eating your own cum, but now you have this new hurdle. Let me coach you on how to bypass any obstacle.

This is for her. This is not for you. Eating your Hotwife’s Bull’s cum is for her. It is one of the most glorious signs of submission you can offer the person you love.

Practice the action in your head dozens of times a day after you learn to eat your own cum. “See” your mouth on her pussy as her lover’s semen oozes out onto your tongue and down your throat.

Then, when the first time happens, you will be ready, eagerly anticipating the taste of her pussy, flavored with the cum of her wonderful lover. The lover who can please her better than you ever could.

I want to know you sat on the edge of your seat, begging for him to cum inside her, aching to have her pull your hand and push your head between her legs and you eating your very first Creampie with gusto.


Success! You Are a Complete Cuckold Cum Eater Now!


Show your partner who you are: the best Cum Eating Cuckold on the planet!