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Cum. Just the word CUM makes you tingle in anticipation, doesn't it? Did you unconsciously just lick your lips?

The powerful urge to taste your own cum is a huge turn on for many men and crossdressers. I'll let you in on a secret: I'm a woman that loves to see someone gulp a gooey load! Oh yes, I'm a fan of facial porn, cum shots and all sorts of erotic play around CUM!

Eating your own cum is one of the most common fantasies, but it's not talked about it so you probably don't know that. You don't need to be shy about your desires with me. I am the Experienced Mistress who knows you might be fascinated but nervous about cum eating. What are your cum eating fantasies? Erotic role play can be as simple (or as complex) as you like.

Imagine. I begin to seduce you in just the ways that make you ache with need but this time I tell you, "We're going to do something a little different." I know that you are curious about cum eating. I smile and look at you with a naughty gleam in my eyes.

If you are a submissive man, then one of the rewards of kneeling at my feet and being allowed to worship my long legs, sexy stilettos and cute toes might be that you get to cum. BUT, there's a catch. If I allow you to cum on my legs or my feet then you must lick your cum off my stockings! ~smiles~

Do you cum and go? By this I mean that once you cum, the desire to eat your own cum disappears. I know you really DO want to try it and a phone session might help you overcome you reluctance, fear or even disgust.

The girly girls know that cum eating is often part of her feminization transformation and might even be the beginning of your cross dresser training to give a blow job! Let's get your lipstick just right, ladies, you have a job to do!

Maybe you're bi curious or even gay, but you don't have an outlet for that in your life. Smell the tangy scent, look at that load dripping from your fingers and then ~smiles~

When the need builds up and your balls begin to ache with a nice, fresh load of cum, then click on this free erotic audio about cum eating and get prepared to wet your whistle when you call and ask for Olivia.




Coached Cum Eating Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


3 Easy Ways To Eat Your Own Cum With Our Cum Eating Mistresses

by Ms. Delia of


Are you cum curious or a cum connoisseur? As your cum eating Mistress is teasing and denying you that orgasm, are you more upset that she’s not allowing you to eat your own cum? Would you be just as happy if she milked all that jizz from your prostate, or ruined your orgasm, if she’d just let you slurp your own spunk? Well, if you’re really desperate for that cum shot, let me give you 3 easy ways you can eat your own cum.


Save It Up For Later


If you have a true cum craving, you might want to store it up for later…indulgence! If you’re a chronic masturbator on a stroking schedule, you might have a strong desire for some jizz. But, alas, your Cum Eating Mistress isn’t there to give you permission to jerk off and release. Maybe you’re a chastity slave and it’s just not that time yet.

Now, I know this can be hard, denying yourself the pleasure of eating up your cream immediately after it shoots out of your cock, but think of it as just one more tease. Cum is very storable. You can cum into a condom, take it off carefully and tie it closed. Or just drip that ruined orgasm into a baggie and put it in the freezer.  Then, when that desperate need to slurp some spunk hits you, you can warm it up in some water and then swallow it all down!


Cum In Mixed Company


It’s all fine and dandy to eat your cum when you’re alone or when you’re serving your Cum Eating Mistress. But, what can you do when you’re with friends or in a group with vanillas? Obviously, you can’t just pull out that bag of ball juice and suck it down, now can you? For this reason, try hiding it in your food. You know how they say chewing ice is a sign of horniness? Given that, how about making some special cum cubes? Just make sure you’re the only one who’s using that ice! Of course, you can always add some special “cream” to your coffee.  Add some “icing” to your cupcake.  Or even mix it in with some pudding.


Give Yourself A Facial


I said, “Easy,” didn’t I? Well, Cum Eating Mistress Ms. Delia can shade the truth, can’t she? This next one is easy in that all you really need to do is stroke your cock and shoot off into your mouth. Of course, the hard part is getting the cum directed there! It takes some flexibility, so start stretching now and in a few weeks, you should be able to do this. The technique is – just as you feel your throbbing dick start to swell, and as those balls are about to give up their precious load – to throw your legs up and over your head, pointing that prick right at your face.

Open wide and try to make sure every spurt lands right on your tongue. Not to mention, if you’re really flexible, you might even be able to get your mouth around just the head of your cock.  Making sure every last drop ends up in your mouth, satisfying your cum craving! For now, anyway….


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