Cum Curious: Getting Started


Are you cum curious? Cum eating is a very common fantasy and one that is easy for many men to realize. If you are curious, but not sure if it’s for you, it is easy to start off slow and see which aspects of it you enjoy. Eating cum can be as simple as taking a taste from your fingers after you masturbate.  Or kissing your partner after you cum in her mouth. It can take many forms and it is very easy to gradually get started.


Cum Curious: Preparation is the Key to Success


The best place to begin is preparation. If you intend to involve a partner, it will help if they are aware of your fantasy and the doubts you may have about following through. A sensitive partner can help you ease into your cum eating fantasy, whereas a startled one may put you off for life! You should also consider whether you are going to enjoy the taste.

Eating high sugar fruits such as pineapple for a few days beforehand can help sweeten the taste, whereas red meats and alcohol are known to make it taste bitter or salty. If it is your first time tasting cum, or your first time eating a considerable amount of it, you will probably want to make sure it tastes good. Take a careful note of your diet if you have plans to taste your cum any time soon.


Start with a Snowball


The easiest and least intimidating way to start cum eating with a partner is to cum into her mouth and have her hold it there as you kiss her. This can help ease you into the taste and texture as you both enjoy it. Another option is to cum in her pussy and lick your juices as they flow out of her. Some men find cum mixed with pussy juice very erotic.  And your partner won’t mind the extra stimulation either!

When you are ready to step things up, you can begin to think about getting your cum directly into your mouth. Some men are able to do this simply by getting into the right position and aiming at their face. For many, this is difficult and requires a lot of practice. 

An easier method is to catch the cum in your own or a partners hand, ready for you to eat. You could also find another receptacle, such as a cup or a bowl, for you to collect your cum and then drink it out of that. Some men have found success eating their cum alone, by attaching a long tube to a funnel. They then cum into the funnel so that it flows through the tube and into the mouth.


Delay the Prize


A lot of men lose the urge to eat their cum immediately after they orgasm. This often has to do with hormones that are released in the brain once a man ejaculates. There are ways to get around this.  The quickest and most common method is finding a way to eat your cum before you have finished your orgasm.

This could mean catching the first spurt of cum and licking it from your fingers while your orgasm is still in play. The funnel option can help with this as the cum goes straight to your mouth as it is released. Some men are able to train themselves to ejaculate without orgasm or vice versa and even to have multiple orgasms.  But this may take some time and practice if it is not something you have already perfected.


Cum Curious? Try Another Man’s Cum


Another way around it is to involve a male partner. If you are comfortable with the idea of eating someone else’s cum, it removes the urgency of getting your cum from cock to mouth as soon as possible. You are free to pleasure yourself while another party provides the cum. You can still ease yourself into eating another man’s cum and you don’t have to drink it straight from the tap.

It helps to have an understanding partner who knows  your comfort levels. It may be that you feel more comfortable eating another man’s cum out of your wife’s pussy than simply indulging in cum eating with another man. Your own fantasies and preferences should tell you the best way to go about living them out.

Be aware of your boundaries and be careful not to cross them before you are ready. Like any new fantasy, cum eating should be carried out with care and respect for everyone involved. Live the cum eating dream the right way and it will live with you for years to come


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