Cum Eating and Self-Sucking: Do the Two Fantasies Go Hand in Hand?


Do cum eating and self sucking go together? When it comes to sexual fantasies, there is no right or wrong. They are fantasies, right? On one hand, there are some fantasies that people act on.  But on the other hand, there are some that they would never even mention to another person. Then there are some fantasies that can be acted out in a role play situation.

There are fantasies that have deeper roots and lead to other fantasies and some that may stand alone. For some men, eating cum is the ultimate fantasy.  It is all about eating the cum.  And some want to perform self sucking and actually suck the cum from their own cocks. That’s the great thing about fantasies, they are our own and no one can tell you yours is wrong.

Cum Eating


There are a number of men, and women, who enjoy eating cum. Some find eating their own cum erotic, exclusively.  Others prefer to eat another man’s cum. Yes, we are referring to male cum or ejaculate. There are men that fantasize about eating another man’s cum. Some men never act on it. They merely think about it while making love or masturbating. Other men have overcome their fear of being “dirty” and eat cum on a regular basis.

Most men eat only their own cum. Those that are able to enjoy another man’s cum usually do so from the body of a woman. In that case, either from on top of her body or they suck it from her cum covered pussy, after the other man has made love to her. Many men have no problem having a threesome, sharing one woman between them, as long as there is no guy on guy action. This can be quite satisfying for the men who enjoy their own cum, but also offers a bit of variety and change of pace.


Cock Sucking and Self Sucking


Because the whole idea of cock sucking leads to questions about a man’s manhood, most will not readily admit to the desire. Most men won’t even admit to eating cum, or the fantasy of it. There is no way to know for sure if eating cum and cock sucking are in fact all part of the same fantasy.

They could be two entirely different things. Eating cum may stem from the idea that if they eat cum, it will bring about a greater sexual prowess, making them more virile and more attractive to women. There may be absolutely no desire, hidden or not, to suck cock.


Eating Cum and Sucking Cock


Many people will never allow themselves to just let go and enjoy fetish sex. They are afraid to admit, even to themselves, that they might possibly enjoy such a thing. Even if they think about it for a split second, in the throes of passion, they block it out. There is no way they would ever actually ACT on the cum eating fantasy. What a pity.

Men with sexual hang ups may be able to hold their partners hair, pull her head back, and cum all over her face, but they would never be able to then proceed to lick that cum off of her face. It is that fact that makes cum eating so much hotter than bukkake.

Some men like their meat very rare, almost raw.  Others like it well done, almost burnt. The same is true for men that eat cum. Some like it so fresh, they need to have it straight from the cock. Others can’t quite stomach it that fresh, and they prefer to eat cum after it has been cooled down a bit.

Sex and sexual fantasies are as wide and varied as the people that have them. It is a shame that society has put so many limits on what is normal sexual behavior. If you like to eat cum and have found a way to do so without hurting someone else, then good for you.

Of course, if you happen to like it fresh from the cock and can get yourself into position to suck your own, enjoy eating your own hot, sticky cum. If you can’t quite get your cock to your mouth and really want to do so, enroll in some yoga classes.  With time, you just might fulfill that desire.