Is Eating Your Own Cum the First Step to Self Sucking?


Eating your own cum is a delightful act in itself.  But some men worry.  Or, indeed, revel in the idea that eating cum is the first step towards self sucking and sucking cock. Whether you fear or delight in this idea, it is not necessarily true. It can pave the way towards sucking cock, for those too nervous to try it outright. However, it will not lead to something you don’t enjoy, if you respect your own boundaries.

Eating your own cum, in particular, can naturally be the first step towards learning to suck your own cock.  That is, for those that wish to achieve it. But even if it is your desire to suck your own cock, this does not necessarily mean that it will lead you to sucking someone else’s.  Sucking your own cock is one thing.  If another man’s junk attracts you, that is a very different thing. Some men may find that they like it, while others do not.


Is it About the Cum or the Cock?


For men who wish to suck another man’s cock, but find they have reservations, eating cum can be a non-intrusive way to become comfortable with another man in a sexual setting. It is possible to start slow.  In the beginning, eat the cum independently of the other man.  Eventually, lead up to ejaculation straight into the mouth. This is then just a tongue’s length away from sucking cock.

For those that fear their cum eating fetish may lead to cock sucking, it is important to think about why it is such a concern. Some men may come to realize that they do enjoy cock and were simply uncomfortable with their sexuality. Other men know cock sucking does not interest them.  But they believe that sucking cock is inevitable once you start drinking cum.

The fact of the matter is that every individual is entitled to his or her fetishes, fantasies and boundaries. Once you know your boundaries, inform any current or potential partners, so that they respect them. You should not indulge in activities that make you  uncomfortable, unless you want to push your boundaries to find your limits.

Cum Eating Boundaries


It is true that cum eating and cock sucking are closely linked.  At the same time, both activities are fully capable of being independent of each other. Girls that spit instead of swallow are comfortable with cock sucking but do not eat cum.  Therefore, it makes sense that you can eat cum without sucking. Or, indeed, without involving the cock as anything other than a (willing and respected) cum dispenser.

Men who wish to drink another man’s cum, but are uncomfortable with another man in a sexual setting, may find it easier to involve a female partner. Or find a way to dispense the cum into a container.  So then afterward, you can  eat it alone.

Cum eating domination is a fantasy for many cum eaters.  In a good BDSM setting, everyone knows and respects your boundaries. The act of humiliation is the focus of these settings. Exploration is likely.  Which is why it is especially important to make any boundaries clear.

Mistress Makes It So Appealing

It is true that cum drinking can escalate to cock sucking relatively quickly.  However, a good Mistress will know when to stop. Some see cock sucking  as the next level of humiliation for cum drinking slaves.  As such, it can be a natural progression in many cases. Oftentimes, too, rather than the act itself, the fact that the “Mistress made me do it,” is what makes it so appealing.  It is entirely possible that men, who would not enjoy sucking cock in a standard sexual encounter, enjoy the sensations of being ‘coerced’ to do it for, or by, their Mistress.

The assumptions that cock sucking is an act only indulged in by straight women and gay men can lead to a lot of confusion in cum drinkers. You don’t often hear that straight men can, in fact, suck cock without compromising their sexuality. Whether a man is straight, gay or bisexual is largely dependent on what he says he is.  And even more so by who attracts him.

If you enjoy sucking cock, but are not attracted to men in general, it is almost certain that you are not gay. Men often doubt their sexuality when engaging in acts that are not widely socially accepted. However, to thrive in their fantasies, men should learn to be comfortable with who they are and what they like.