Cum Eating Games for the Cum Curious


Cum eating games can be both a fun and fulfilling way to indulge your cum eating fantasy. They can make your cum eating fetish less intimidating for a partner that is new to it or simply add an element of fun. They can also spice up an old fetish and add a new twist to your favorite sexual activity. Games can be light hearted or serious and adapted to suit the preferences of those people involved.

The simplest cum eating game is the humble snowball. A well known sexual practice, this involves one person taking a mouthful of cum and passing it on to another. This can be done by simply kissing, or the transfer can be more elaborate. It can involve just two people.  Or, to make things more exciting, see how many people you can pass it to before there is nothing left to pass!


Licking Cum off Her Body


Licking cum off her body can be turned into a variety of fun filled games. You all know how sensual it can be licking warm syrup from a naked body, so why not cum? You can even leave a trail from her tits to her hot pussy to follow and why not finish off with a tasty creampie? Licking cum from her aroused pussy can enhance the experience for everyone.

For those who like a little mild domination or ‘coerced’ cum eating, having a partner catch your cum in her hand to smear over your face can be a hugely erotic experience. She can even instruct you to do it to yourself! It’s still a fun game alone, too.

Gokkun is the act of ejaculating into a cup for someone else to drink. It usually involves several men ejaculating into one cup.  Imagine the many variations. Gathering into a cup can be the start of many sensual, sexy games, especially if you like to play with it before you eat it!


Eating Cum from a Condom


Using condoms is another fantastic way to catch your cum and fulfill your cum related fantasies. It can be squeezed or sucked empty, or turned inside out and licked clean. Another way to enjoy slurping cum from a comdom is by ejaculating into the flavored side of condoms for a new twist on the taste.

Still another fun game is seeing who can catch cum in their mouth as a partner is ejaculating. See how far you can make the distance between you to add a little light hearted amusement. If you prefer to play alone, see how much you can land in your own mouth!

Soggy biscuit is a great game for a group of males and involves a little healthy competition. The men stand around a single biscuit, aiming their ejaculate over it. The last person to cum must eat the biscuit.

For those that don’t mind cold cum, freezing it in ice cube trays opens up a new world of fun games. We have frozen lube so why not cum? Some people love the cold sensation against their hot body and it can be a fun new way to spread it around before you lick it up. It helps to heighten the sensation by your hot tongue tracing the icy cum path over her body!


Cum Eating Buddies


If you have male friends who like to play, too, it can be interesting to see if you can taste the difference between your cum. Of course, make sure everyone involved is safe and healthy.  See if you can pick up subtle differences in the flavor. Everyone’s cum tastes different, so see if you can match the cum to the face!

If you prefer to play alone or with a female partner, play with your diet. Try different herbs, spices and fruits prior to a cum eating session. Be careful, as some foods can give a strong, bitter and often undesirable taste. People say foods such as pineapple, strawberries, cinnamon and peppermint  give cum a distinctive flavor.

Whichever kind of cum eating you enjoy, it can always help to spice things up. Invent your own games in a style that suits you, to help spice up your sex life! Games can simply be a new way of doing things or a way to add some excitement. Some games may be designed to structure scenarios for slaves and have a more serious tone.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun to play and adapt! Sometimes the best games come from a spontaneous act and are tailored to suit you and your partners. Don’t be afraid to try something more than once, especially if everyone involved enjoyed it!