Cum Eating: Is it Good for You?


Is cum eating good for you? Many adore male love juices. Fun to obtain, delicious to taste and a seemingly endless supply is available. Some would declare that cum tastes better than chocolate! With so many plus points, there must be a negative.  On the contrary, there is evidence to suggest that healthy cum is not only safe to consume, it may actually be good for you!

There is very little true scientific research into the nutritional value of seminal fluid.  However, there is enough information for a good outline of what constitutes this precious liquid.


Cum Eating is Good for You


Semen consists primarily of water, usually around 90%. There is some evidence to suggest that keeping the body well hydrated can increase the water content and potentially the volume. This high water content is beneficial to the human body and paves the way for the next set of ingredients.

Semen also contains fructose, a simple sugar which is used to provide energy. The amount of fructose present in semen is directly proportional to diet. This could potentially explain the anecdotal evidence that consuming certain fruits can cause cum to taste sweeter. Pineapple, in particular, has  this side effect, and since it is a high fructose fruit, supports this theory. Unfortunately, there have been no studies to verify this. Fructose may account for the 11 mg of carbohydrate found in a typical ejaculation.

Protein & Minerals

Protein is a key component of semen. A typical ejaculation contains 150mg, making it a high protein substance. Protein is necessary for building and repairing body tissue and providing energy. The body also uses protein to produce enzymes, hormones and other useful substances. In addition, protein helps to regulate bodily processes such as balancing and transporting water and nutrients. Overall, protein is an extremely important substance and very healthy in the recommended quantities.

Potassium is found in semen at 7% of the US RDA. Potassium is an essential mineral used by the human body to help regulate fluids and electrolytes. It controls acidity levels as well as neuromuscular functioning and blood pressure within the body, offering another great example of why cum is good for you.

Copper and zinc are both present in semen at 3% of the US RDA. The body utilizes copper to absorb and incorporate iron. It is used in the production of energy that runs the body. It also aids in the synthesizing of some hormones, enzymes and collagen. Zinc is vital for growth and development, aiding in immune response, brain function and reproduction. Along with these excellent and healthy minerals are traces of others, all of which are good for the human body and thoroughly safe to consume.


Man Cannot Live by Semen Alone


Is cum eating good for you? It probably will not impact your RDA, but it is certainly not going to cause you any harm. With all the good things contained in cum, could you survive off of a purely liquid diet? The answer is probably not, unfortunately, but it does make an excellent supplement. The amount of good things found in semen, at a reasonably expected volume, is not at a high enough level to make much of a difference to your intake levels. That is to say, not enough to replace your daily vitamins.

Cum and a Smoothie

One actress, by the name of Kim Kelly, working in the field of adult film, had the idea to lose weight by consuming nothing but cum complimented with banana smoothies. This 2002 attempt for media coverage unfortunately didn’t pan out, but did provide us with a snippet of insight into how semen fares in human diet.  Month-long camera coverage was scheduled to record the progress. 

Unfortunately, the funding was cut before the shooting could begin and the experiment failed. Miss Kelly continued with her idea to lose weight and drank semen for a total of eight days. During this time, Kelly drank around 40 servings of sperm, totaling just 300 calories, and lost four and a half pounds. What this proves is that even though semen is good for you, it is physically impossible to drink the amount necessary to provide any part of a balanced diet.

Over all, cum is excellent as a supplement, but not as a sustainable diet. Drinking healthy cum in healthy amounts will do no harm and cause some good, however minor it may be.  Also, make note that cum is low in calories.  Cum producing activities are likely to burn off most of them.  Bottom line? Cum eating is good for you!


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