Does Eating Your Cum Make You Gay?


Does eating your cum make you gay? So you like to eat cum. You jerk off just so you can shoot all over your belly and chest. You try to get some right into your mouth, and use your fingers to lick off the rest. When you make love to your partner you make sure to pull out for the last pulse, spraying her body with it, and then lap it up from her. You wait to go down on her till after you cum inside her, so you can taste her, you, and a mixture of the two. Does this make you gay?

There are many men that find the taste of their own cum erotic. The thought of eating it while in a state of sexual arousal can bring about an orgasm. There are also men that feel that only a gay man would feel this way and that eating cum makes you gay.

Let’s look at a few facts. Homosexuality is when a person is sexually attracted to the same sex. Most people masturbate. The desire to jerk off does not make a man gay. The mere thought, of watching a woman masturbate and then lick her own fingers, arouses most men. They find it sexy, sensual and stimulating. Not in the least bit lesbian. This would lead to the conclusion that eating one’s own cum does not make a man gay, any more than masturbating does. Gay men, straight men and women, both gay and straight, all masturbate. The act has nothing to do with sexual preference. Neither does eating the products of masturbation.


A Woman’s Perspective


Just as men enjoy watching a woman, women enjoy watching a man masturbate. During the heightened sexual state, people tend to find many things they would normally find repulsive, very arousing. Watching a man jerk off, shooting his cum over her naked body, and then licking it off and sharing it with her can be a treat. A woman that enjoys giving her man a blow job, and having him cum in her mouth, is apt to feel he thinks she is dirty or nasty, if he will not kiss her afterward. The woman is less likely to perform fellatio again for him.  And if she does, will most likely stop before he can reach orgasm.


The Psychology of Cum Eating


Ancient traditions are full of customs that today are referred to as “sympathetic magic.” Eating the meat of an animal gives the person qualities of that animal. Receiving the testicles of a strong animal to eat was an honor. It gave the man virility and sexual prowess. Somewhere, hidden in the recesses of our minds, are these same thoughts. Somewhere along the way, society has turned many things once considered normal into taboo activities.

Inhibitions were taught from one generation to the next. People became afraid to admit things turned them on. Yet, still, these thoughts persisted. People acknowledged them in their safe spaces, usually  limited to their dreams and during a state of sexual arousal.


The Gay Man


A gay man is attracted to all sexual activities with another man. He has no sexual attraction to females. A gay man does not want to make love with a woman. He prefers sexual companionship with another male. Some gay men do enjoy eating another man’s cum. A gay cum eating man wants to make love to the other man and then eat the semen, possibly his own and his partner’s.

Too many men are worried that something they say or do will mean they are gay. Men need to look beyond their fears and just enjoy sex to the fullest. Let the feelings and desires flow freely. Another man does not  turn on a heterosexual male. He is not going to want to make love to another man.

A man that can enjoy sex, and admit that he enjoys things that others do not enjoy, is probably much more sexually satisfied than the man that worries his fantasies may mean he is gay. You like to eat cum? Good for you. Enjoy it and share it with your partner. The worst thing you could do is to stifle your own desires and fantasies. If we all only did what everyone else would consider normal sex– sex for the sole purpose of procreation–the man on top and the woman on the bottom performing her duty, we would be denying our own desires and fantasies.