Why Do So Many Men Fantasize About Eating Their Own Cum?


There are endless reasons behind why men fantasize about eating cum and sucking cock. But why are there so many that revel in the fantasy of devouring their own cum? The reason for each desire is different, but there are some common themes among them.

Cum eating is a very common fantasy that many men share, even though many of them don’t talk about it. The reasons vary between each individual. But there are some common themes that may help determine why so many of them want to eat their own cum.

Some men enjoy the taste of semen and find it pleasurable. Just as some people either love or hate the taste of certain foods, the same seems to be true of bodily fluids. With the erotic scenarios that lead to the production of the creamy by-product, it is no surprise that fantasies evolve around the act of consuming cum.

The texture is something unique and different, too.  Some enjoy the smooth sensation of it sliding down their throats. Anyone, of any gender and sexual orientation, can love cum.  Sometimes it is simply just a big turn on for an individual.

Eating your own cum is exciting because it’s so naughty and taboo. Are you one of those who chickens out and doesn’t follow through eating your cum after orgasm?

Though the strong desire to eat your cum does usually dissipate after an orgasm, there are many, many ways you can still become a successful cum eater.  Just ask our Coached Cum Eating Mistresses, trained experts. Using many tried and true methods, they turn cum eater wannabes into successful cum eaters. Go on, give us a call. You know you want to!


The Humiliation Aspect of Cum Eating


It is also true that some men indulge in eating their own cum because of the humiliation aspect that is involved in some cases. This is not because cum eating, on its own, is degrading, but because the individual views it as such.

It can also be made humiliating for people who enjoy eating their own cum by creating scenarios where they must perform the act in front of other people or eat someone else’s. This usually occurs in scenarios where humiliation is the focal point and the cum eater specifically requests it.


Erotic Cum Eating


Humiliation is not a necessary part of cum eating. Many people enjoy cum eating activities without even realizing that they are doing it.  Snowballing and creampie are both cum eating activities, widely known and accepted. They often involve the man consuming, or at least tasting, his own cum.

Snowballing involves passing cum from the mouth of one person to another.  A creampie is the act of eating what has been ejaculated into a woman’s pussy. It is true that many men will kiss a partner who has just swallowed a load of his cum. That is the simplest form of cum eating. It is also an excellent way to become accustomed to the taste of your own cum.

Many cuckolds find additional pleasure in eating the cum left by their wife’s partners and find it enhances the cuckold experience. Cuckolds, who are unsure about tasting another man’s cum, should first practice eating their own cum to see if it is for them. In cuckolding, it is generally the additional act of humiliation that heightens the experience.


Kinky Cum Eating Activities


Many people, who would not class themselves as kinky, still enjoy other cum eating activities. One of the most popular is coming over a partner’s body and licking off the hot cum. This is one of the least intimidating ways to try it, as you can taste as little or as much as you like. And you are not restricted by another person, as you would be with a snowball.

Cum eating is an incredibly safe practice, provided all people involved are healthy and do not carry sexually transmitted diseases. Eating your own cum is one of the safest possible practices, as you are not ingesting anything that is foreign to your body. While it is very rare, with a low number of reported cases, some people are unable to digest cum.

In the rare event that you suffer serious side effects, that may be linked to consuming cum, see a doctor for further information. It is not uncommon for most first time cum eaters to suffer mild nausea in reaction to the unusual taste or texture.  It often passes quickly. Very few people suffer from an actual allergy, which will usually be evident with skin contact.


The best way to discover if cum eating is for you is to experiment. Start slowly.  It helps to experiment with yourself before involving other people. Simple acts, such as kissing your partner after you cum in her mouth, can pave the way to your cum eating fantasies.  Or prove to yourself, early on, that it is not something you enjoy.

Despite the bad reputation that cum eating has for being ‘gross,’ most men who try it find that they like some aspect of eating their own cum. It is a fetish that spans every sexual orientation and is not limited only to gay people. It is even true that some lesbians enjoy the erotic act of eating cum.


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