Eating Your Cum Out of the Condom: Why is it Such a Turn-on?


Have you ever tried eating your cum out of a condom? You’ve just had sex with your partner.  Because you aren’t prepared to begin a family, you used a condom. You pull it off and just look at it. You smile to yourself, seeing the full load of your cum pooling in the top. All of a sudden your cock begins to swell again and you want to eat the cum from the rubber.  But why?


Cum Eating


Some men, probably more than you would believe, enjoy eating their own cum. They fantasize about it, masturbate and then lick the semen from their fingers. They eat their cum from their partner after sex. For some men, eating their own cum makes them feel sexually strong, virile, and masculine.

In a very real sense, cum, and the sperm it contains, is life giving. Male animals typically have sex when the female is in heat and ready to conceive. Humans have the luxury of being able to have sex as often as their partner allows, usually more often than peak fertility.  Still, somewhere deep in your subconscious, a little idea tells you not to waste your seed. If you are not going to use it to procreate, then why not gain strength from it by eating it?


Eating Cum from a Condom


Good cum in a condom is just a waste! It certainly isn’t going to create a new life, guaranteeing the continuance of the human race. Ahh, the power it contains! That power is too important to rot in some landfill. Eating it will give you the ability and the energy to create more, until you choose to use your ejaculate for the purpose of creating life. How much of a turn on is that potential? Why should a woman be the one that decides when to conceive? You, too, can have that power, and part of it is sitting in that condom. You will eat it all, and then take her again!

While this may seem a bit much, and probably not what runs through a man’s mind when he decides to eat his cum from the condom, it is a very real, unrealized thought. Whether you want to admit it or not, men are fascinated by their own cum. It is precious to them. Definitely too precious to just waste.  Think about it, the texture and feel of your cum, the taste of it, really turns you on. 

Perhaps it is the pheromones, or maybe just the fact that it is something that is usually considered taboo. There are a number of reasons you might get turned on at the idea of eating cum out of a condom, and they are all very valid. Whether or not you decide to act on it is entirely up to you. It certainly is your decision.  It’s your cum! Do with it as you see fit.


The Sexually Submissive Cum Eater


There is, of course, the man who yearns to be coerced into eating his own cum. A man who is submissive to his woman is not weak. It takes a lot of strength for a man to admit that he needs coercion to let go sexually. Many men will never explore their cum eating fantasies.  They are too afraid to be seen as deviant.

Some men find they can let go and enjoy their sexuality only when commanded to do so. The woman may make him masturbate into a condom and then clean it out with his tongue. This highly arouses the man, having to do something he would not normally do himself. It can be very liberating.

Some men are turned on by a rounded ass.  Others prefer a woman’s tits. There are men who will not eat their woman out, and there are men that find any type of sexual fluid a turn on. Actually, doing something that you would normally consider “bad” can be very arousing.

Look how many girls fall for the “bad guy.” The important thing, about any sexual desire, is to go for it. Unless, of course, it is going to hurt someone else. So why question why something turns you on? Enjoy the fact that eating your own cum excites you. Taste your cum. Swallow it and enjoy it. Rub it on your lips and savor the flavor of your own cum.


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