Eating Your Cum out of the Condom


Have you ever tried eating your own cum out of the condom? My cum eating obsession started on a whim.  I was alone in the bathroom, cleaning myself up and still feeling a little horny after a heavy love-making session. When I pulled the condom off, I looked at it, holding it up against the light, to see the milky-white substance contained inside. I watched it move around, the bright light shining through as my fingers manipulated it. It almost looked pearlescent. But I couldn’t tell if that was the latex or not. I watch a couple of little air bubbles float to the top before bringing it back down and holding it in my hand.


Mesmerized by the Cum-Filled Condom


I don’t know why it fascinated me so much.  Holding it gently in my palm, my fingers wrapped around the thin limp tube and gently squeezed to feel the liquid squirm underneath the rubber. I liked the feeling and would often give it a sneaky feel before disposing of it. It gave me a strange sense of satisfaction, examining something that I had created. I noticed it was still warm and wondered how long it would stay that way, with my hand insulating it. Except I wasn’t paying enough attention and it dribbled out, flowing down the back of my hand.

I quickly moved the condom to my other hand, licking up the leaked juices off my fingers.  For years I had enjoyed the taste of cum.  So I eagerly licked my fingers clean.  Leading my tongue up, down and between each finger, to make sure I hadn’t missed any.  Still, I hadn’t had my fill by the time I was free of the sticky mess.  Then, I gazed at the condom in my other hand. It was still pretty full but the liquid looked a little thicker now. I stroked it gently with my free fingers to see if it was still warm.

Barely. Unable to resist, I slowly rolled the top down, leaving a little cup of white fluid exposed. I poked my tongue in, enjoying the taste as I lapped it up, out of the little rubber bowl. My tongue couldn’t get enough and eventually the whole condom was inside out, me eagerly licking it clean, trying to get to every last drop. There was something sensual about the smooth latex underneath and I enjoyed the sensation almost as much as the lukewarm cum.


Eating Cum from a Condom: Round Two!


Having finished any part of me left in the limp, stretched out rubber, I disposed of it and headed back to the bedroom. She was laying on the bed, still naked and stretched out, a relaxed look encasing her whole body. ‘What took you so long?’ she said sleepily, as I lay down next to her.  I told her what I had been doing, that I had been curious about eating my cum.

Noticing my arousal, she became more receptive and we indulged in another, more relaxed, play session. Gentle and teasing this time, hands and tongues, both of us still exhausted from the last workout. We pleasured each other gently, frequently shifting positions to find the one that required least movement.

It ended with her lips around my cock, teasing me slowly into orgasm. But before I reached my peak, she grabbed a condom and slipped it on, the cold latex having a minor impact on my erection. It was soon solved as she returned her lips to pleasuring me, her tongue sliding along me, coaxing me into growing harder.

I filled the condom while deep in her throat, the sensation incredible and I could feel my cum trapped by the thin layer of rubber. She smiled at me from between my thighs and gently removed the condom, bringing it to my lips as she rolled it inside-out over two fingers. I poked out my tongue to lick it up for her, and after a couple of tastes, slid her latex and cum coated fingers into my mouth, sucking the whole thing clean.


Why is it Such a Turn-on?


I still have no idea why eating the cum out of a condom is so special.  But we both found it a huge turn on and it’s now a regular part of our play. Perhaps it’s the thrill of that thick liquid being caught and served to you. I will admit it is much sexier when she is feeding it to me.

I do have a fancy for latex, too. Licking the condom clean does give a wonderful sensation on your tongue. I can continue to lick it clean after the cum is long gone. Whatever makes it such a turn on, it’s a wonderful feeling that every cum eater should try.