Eating Your Own Cum: Where to Begin?


Have you fantasized about eating your own cum but are unsure where to begin? Many people enjoy the taste of male ejaculate. It is commonly known as cum. If you have ever wondered how your cum tastes, playing a cum eating game, to introduce the taste, may be a great idea.

Besides, this will help if either partner is shy or nervous about tasting cum for the first time. Creating a fun environment will calm you if you’re nervous and allow your mind to be more receptive to the idea. All cum eating games should include one major factor, the opportunity to enjoy eating cum.


Eating Your Own Cum: Lick the Lipstick


Lick the lipstick is a cum eating game you can play with your partner. To begin with, have your partner sexually arouse you or you can arouse yourself. When you have an orgasm, make sure your penis is close to their mouth. As soon as the semen comes out, paint their lips using just your penis.

Do not use your hands to hold your penis while you’re painting the cum on their lips. Once you have successfully covered their lips with the semen, proceed to lick the cum off by using only your lips. It will be more exciting if you hold or tie your hands behind your back while doing this. It seems easy, but it’s not.


Eating Your Own Cum: Cum Icing on the Muffin


The purpose of this game is to use your cum as icing for a muffin, then consume the muffin afterwards, thus simultaneously eating your own cum. It works if you are alone or if you have friends who want to play along with you. Place the muffin on a flat surface within a distance you are sure your cum will be able to reach.

During an orgasm, aim at the muffin with your penis and allow the cum to land on top of the muffin. After you are done, take a knife and spread the cum around the top of the muffin. If you are playing with friends, whoever completes the task first wins.

After that, race against a timer to make this more challenging. If you want more coverage, play this game twice to have double the semen for spreading. If you decide to place double the amount of cum on the muffin, it will prolong the game, which makes it more fun. Whoever is deemed the winner has the option of choosing to eat the muffin or pass the muffin off to another person. This game seems to be fun among friends, providing that everyone is willing to be a good sport.


Find the Cum


Cover your partner’s eyes with a blindfold before you start sexually arousing each other. Once you have reached your orgasm, place the cum on your partner’s body. Take your finger and wipe the cum off of their body. Then, smear the cum onto your body and challenge them to find it on your body.

They should be licking all over your body, without using their hands to help them find the spot. Give them 5 minutes, or longer if you and your partner are enjoying the cum eating game, to find the cum spot. In the event that they give up and don’t win, place that body part with the cum into their mouth and ask them to identify the body part.


Cum Tasting


Cum tasting is similar to wine tasting, with a spin.  In this case, you are trying to guess who’s cum is on which piece of candy. This game is better with two people. Also, the woman should be familiar with releasing her female ejaculate, if she is playing. During each person’s orgasm, collect the cum in different glasses, preferably shot glasses.

Using several pieces of hard candy, coat the pieces with a reasonable amount of cum. Be careful when unwrapping the candy as you will need the wrappers for later. Re-wrap each piece of candy and label the candy with each person’s initials.

Place the candies in a bag and shake them up to randomly distribute the pieces. Put the candy in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. You want the cum to harden on the candy for better flavoring. Leave it in for longer,  if you want the cum to be even harder.

Take turns picking random pieces of candy out of the bag. Let the candy sit on your tongue a while so you can really taste the flavor.  For every correct guess, there is a point awarded. The person with the most points at the end of the game is rewarded with a pleasuring act of their choice.

There are many fun cum eating games. You have to be creative and keep the other person guessing in most cases. Have fun and enjoy the different flavors of cum. Eat different foods to change the taste and play the games all over again.

It is always fun to play games with your partner and be sexually satisfied at the same time. These types of games spice up and contribute to a person’s healthy sex life.