How an Accidental Cum Eater was Born


This is the story of how I became an accidental cum eater. Like most single men, I indulge in the art of masturbation, frequently and alone. It became a game, with new little quirks, to amuse myself while I found my pleasure. During one of my favorite cum games, I would lie back on my bed and see how high I could shoot my cum, always striving to get it higher than ever before. Of course, this made something of a mess.  Soon, I grew tired of washing bed sheets and the towels I used to lay on.


Eventually I moved my activities to a chair. This allowed me to browse visual stimulation on my computer at the same time I masturbated. I learned that the best way to do this was to lean back in my chair and aim straight up, but slightly towards my chest.  Thus, catching the mess made it easy to clean up with a quick shower afterwards. It was during one of these sessions, with the help of a video, that I broke a record.


Whilst watching the slim, but natural looking, attractive brunette eagerly accepting a face full of cum, I accidentally splattered the stuff over my entire face. It wasn’t intentional, or expected.  Startled, I stumbled to the bathroom to clean up. I didn’t think much of it after that, but secretly remained proud of my new record.


Compelled to Repeat the Experience


It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I decided to indulge in my game again and was reminded of the experience. Not wanting a repetition of the last time, I positioned myself a little more carefully, making sure I wasn’t about to coat my face. I came, releasing myself all over my chest, as usual, and sat back to relax for a moment before heading to the shower. But, this time, it didn’t feel as good. I guess I felt a little disappointed that I hadn’t matched my last achievement. But I pushed my feelings aside and showered up.

This continued for weeks, never reaching the same goal, until finally I realized I was no longer satisfied and set out to break my record. Every night I would practice, trying to get it as high as it was before. I would even ‘cheat’ a little, trying new positions, trying to get myself closer, until eventually, I got that face full of cum. But this time, I had gasped as I came, my mouth wide open, suddenly filling with the thick, hot liquid.

On reflex, I instantly spat it back out, inadvertently covering my monitor and keyboard and spent the next half hour cleaning up the mess. As I cleaned, the tangy taste lingered on my tongue and I started to think it wasn’t so bad. The next time, I aimed for my mouth.  Although I missed, I did catch  a few drops on my tongue. I didn’t really think a great deal about it.  After achieving my goals, my experiments dwindled .


The Beginning of Our Cum Eating Journey


A year later, I was steadily dating a girl who, strangely enough, reminded me of the brunette in that video. Consequently, I had developed an appreciation for giving her the odd facial. Fortunately, she was happy to oblige on occasion.  The rest of the time, she choose to drink my cum down.  She would always kiss me afterward. And I didn’t mind it one bit.

One night, I had gotten a little slack with my aim and she ended up with a large portion of my sticky mess in her hair. She hated that and was furious. She spent an hour showering and shouting through the bathroom door at me. Eventually, it was bed time, and I couldn’t help but think her angry pout was kind of cute, as she climbed in next to me.

The next morning, it seemed I had been forgiven, as I woke to the sensations of a hand softly stroking my cock, already hard by the time I was fully awake. I cuddled up closer as she reacted to my waking, pleasuring me further and further with that warm, firm grip.

That’s Kind of Hot

What I didn’t know at that stage was that her mind was on revenge.  The last thing I expected was the sudden, hot face full of cum as she jerked my aim upwards, just as the sticky hot mess erupted. I could hear her laugh as I wiped my face, bewildered at what had just happened, not even knowing I could still shoot that far. She was giggling. I wasn’t getting anywhere wiping it off my face with my bare hands.  I just seemed to be moving it around my cheeks.

On reflex, I licked my lips, pleasantly surprised by the taste and leaned in to kiss her. ‘That’s kind of hot’ she whispered. Just before our lips met,  she pulled away, her hand on my cheek, moving towards my lips.  Her sticky-coated fingers entered my open mouth. It was at that point that I became an avid cum eater and our cum eating journey began.


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