Is It True That What You Eat Determines the Taste of Your Cum ?


Yes, there is a lot of hearsay evidence that claims that what you eat can affect the taste of your cum.  But is this true? Reportedly, a diet high in red meat, alcohol and other strong foods, such as asparagus, can have a negative impact on the taste of the imbiber’s cum. At the other end of the scale, certain fruits may add sweetness, making it more pleasurable and easier to swallow for many men and women alike.

While most evidence to support the effect of diet on the taste of cum is anecdotal, it is a widely supported theory that has been tried and tested throughout the years. It is also a matter of opinion and personal preference as to which kind of taste is the most pleasurable in semen. It is always best to experiment with your own cum to see what works for you and your partner.


Acidic Fruits Sweeten the Taste of Cum


It is generally recognized that acidic fruits, naturally high in sugars, will sweeten the taste of cum. After eating the fruit, it usually takes only one to two days for this effect to become noticeable. There is no evidence suggesting how much to consume, so this part may be trial and error. The most effective solution seems to be eating moderate portions of fruit for several continuous days. Other fruits suitable for sweetening the taste of semen are papaya, melons, cranberries, kiwi, mango, grapes, strawberries and apples.  For those who prefer sweeter juices, we recommend a high fruit diet.


Vegetables Are Good, But Select Them Carefully


Certain vegetables are generally good for an improvement in taste, but it is important to select them carefully. While many green vegetables and herbs such as wheatgrass, celery and parsley can sweeten the taste, others will increase bitterness.

Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, onions and garlic all contain high levels of sulfur that are thought to contribute to tartness.  Asparagus is famous for causing a sharp, acidic taste. In addition, certain spices, such as those found in curry, can also tickle unpleasant taste buds.  Remember, if the food you eat is noticeable in your sweat, it is likely to be evident in your cum too.


Red Meats Make Cum Salty


Red meats are well known to induce a salty taste to semen. Also, some meats and fish, specifically, add a bitter taste. If a salty taste is unwelcome, poultry does not seem to carry obvious side effects. Dairy products, in particular milk and cheese, can also contribute to a salty taste.  To combat this undesirability, first, it is best to minimize the intake of these products.   Then, secondly, drink more water to help dilute the strong, salty taste.

Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and some drugs can create an unpleasant, bitter taste. If possible, avoid these substances. They fill the body with unnecessary toxins and can contribute to sexual dysfunction, as well as an unpleasant taste. If quitting is unreasonable in your lifestyle, help yourself by minimizing their use as much as possible and by drinking more water. 


Drinking Water is Important


Water is important in influencing the taste of your semen. Drinking enough water and keeping hydrated is very healthy for your body. It helps to flush out toxins and ensure your body stays in good shape. Water is a key substance in semen, making up around 90% of seminal fluid. Drinking more water may dilute the taste and sometimes increase the volume of cum.

Other strong tasting foods may also have an effect. Cinnamon leaves a traceable taste in cum by those who indulge, which may be desirable for some people. Peppermint, lemon and cardamom all contribute to a sweeter, spicy taste.


Taste Your Cum: Two Day Taste Test


The effects of these foods on the taste of cum can usually be tasted within a day or two after consumption. However, experience recommends that you adapt your diet to accommodate some, or all of these tips. It is true that other foods can take this long to leave your system, too, so bear that in mind the next time you eat a hot curry!

Generally, junk food, dairy products and toxins can cause what most people consider to be a negative taste to your semen. A more natural and toxin-free diet can help your juices become sweeter and more palatable. High fructose fruits are the most effective in sweetening the taste of your cum, while some spices may contribute to a more unusual (and delicious!) flavor.