Self-Facials and Cum Eating


You’re a Cum Eating Slut, Aren’t You?


If you’re here, you have, at least, a nascent interest in cum eating and/or self facials. Whether you’re a beginner taste-tester or a cum connoisseur, eating your own cum can be naughty, kinky, and humiliating. Finishing your masturbation session with a self-facial is a perfect way to take your humiliation masturbation fantasies to the next level!

Sometimes, just licking your pre-cum off your fingertip isn’t enough. It might not even be enough to lick and lap your own cum off your hand! If you’re a true cum eating slut, you probably want a full face of your own cream. A self-administered facial is the perfect way to feel and taste the delicious humiliation of a cum shot squirting all over your own face!


Self-Facials and Cum Eating: Getting Into Position


Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to give yourself a facial, you’ll have to get in position. The best position for a self-administered facial is with your legs over your head and your cock aimed directly at your cum slut face. It takes a bit of flexibility, but with some practice, you’ll be able to get in position in no time!

Lie down on your back and begin lifting your legs overhead. If you cannot do it on your own, take advantage of your bedroom furniture! You can steady yourself with a wall, headboard, or your bed. When you’re in position, begin stroking. It’s humiliating to stroke yourself with your cock in your face, and it’ll be even more humiliating when you drench yourself in your own jizz!


Self Facials: Give Yourself a Naughty Cum Facial


As you stare at your own cock, you can feel yourself getting closer and closer. Your balls are churning with your cum, and your cum-hungry mouth is ready to receive every last drop! Stroke faster and faster, and get that mouth open! Stick your cum whore tongue out of your mouth, and get ready for it! This is the moment you’ve fantasized about, and you’re going to get a huge, hot, creamy mess all over your slutty face!

As you pump your hand up and down your aching cock, imagine how this naughty scene would look if someone walked in. It’s hard to explain what you’re doing when you’ve got your cock pointed at your hungry mouth! The only thing more humiliating than a self-facial is a woman watching you give yourself one!


Self Facials: Sticky Cum All Over Your Face


After you’ve blown your load all over your face, stay just like that. Take a moment to appreciate your first (or second or third or twentieth) self-administered facial! Once you’ve mastered the basics of a self-administered facial, you can start experimenting with new positions! And if you really want to show off what a well-trained, cum-eating slut you are, you can even perform a self-administered facial for your Mistress on cam! What could be more humiliating than a sexy, dominant woman watching you eat your own ball cream?

So open wide, cum slut! It’s time to eat your own load!



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