Sharing Your Cum Eating Fetish With Her


Are you afraid to share your cum eating fetish with your significant other? Any fetish can be daunting to share, especially if you don’t know how your partner will react. Like all fetishes, cum eating should be taken slowly.  Ease into it, one step at a time.

The first thing you should do is recall your sexual experience with your partner. This step will be easiest if you have been together for some time.  But it may make the general sharing process a little more difficult.

Does your partner enjoy eating cum? If so, then this should be a fairly easy fetish to reveal. Gently suggest your fantasy while you are both aroused. Tell her that since she seems to enjoy the taste of cum so much, you would like to try it. If you would like to start slower, kiss her while she has a mouth full of your cum. If both partners share similar interests, it is easy to get creative and keep things exciting.

Not Impossible

Does your partner seem bothered by cum? If, during your more passionate moments, your partner seems thoroughly turned off by the rewards of your excitement, your fetish may be a little more difficult to divulge. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible to live out your fantasy.  It will just take some time and encouragement. Try to focus on your partner’s pleasure.  Do things for her and make her feel relaxed. If there has been something she is interested in and you have been dodging it, now is the time to be giving.  Give her what she wants. Your partner is much more likely to accept your fantasies if you show you are willing to accept hers. It is important not to ‘surprise’ someone who dislikes cum.  It’s more beneficial to talk about it prior to any actions.


Test the Cum Eating Fetish Waters


If your partner seems indifferent about cum, then you may have to test the waters. This can be done in any of the ways that have been outlined. But it may be better to just bring it up. If the reaction is positive, and she seems interested, then she probably is! Build things up.  Talk about what she would like to do, too. If the reaction is negative, then don’t make a big deal out of it. You can laugh it off as a joke.  Or suggest she think about whether she would be comfortable doing it for you.  Don’t forget to explain that you think it would be really hot!

Indifferent reactions to you bringing up your cum eating fetish, in any way, could mean that she doesn’t understand how important it is to you. Or she may secretly be harboring some anxiety about pleasing you. In this case, it is best to be honest.  Talk about it as much as you can to find out whether she would be comfortable indulging in your fetish.

Talk About Other Options for Indulging Your Cum Eating Fetish


Should you discover that your partner is not interested in catering to your fetish, you should still discuss further options. She may not be willing or able to get over any fears or anxieties in this circumstance, but this is not the end of your fetish. Talk about whether she would be comfortable with you indulging your fetish alone. If your fantasies involve other people, perhaps she would be open to you exploring them with someone you meet together and both like and trust. If adding another person is not a possibility for one or both of you, then perhaps she will be open to you finding a phone Mistress. This can be an excellent compromise, as the relationship will be a strict domination relationship. You may even learn a few new tricks to enhance your fantasies.


Communication is the Key


The key to coming out about any fetish is to be open and communicative. You must know what you want well enough to express it to your partner in a way that she will be receptive to it. If you have trouble communicating with your partner, this can be an excellent place to start.  It may bring your relationship to a new level. Remember that not everyone will share the same fantasies. You must be willing to give something back or respect her boundaries if she has reservations. Any good relationship will be able to compromise and find a solution that keeps both parties satisfied. If your attempts do not work the first time around, don’t give up. But try not to be too pushy when you are expressing how you feel about your cum eating fantasy.