She Swallows, So Why Won’t You Swallow Your Cum?


She swallows, so why won’t you swallow your cum? Many women like the taste of their partner’s cum. It can be a turn on for a woman to share the cum eating experience with him. Why not take that extra opportunity to turn her on, and bring her even closer, by swallowing your own cum. If you have never tasted your own cum, it may be very different from anything you have ever tasted. When you are ready to explore the idea of swallowing your own cum, make sure you discuss a few points with her before beginning.

Fun Ways to Swallow Your Cum

There are several things you can do to make swallowing your own cum more pleasurable. You can make swallowing cum into a game. Find a position that releases the cum into your mouth.  Or change the taste of your cum. Ask and discover some things that turn her on when she is swallowing your cum. Some women have techniques they use to help the semen more easily pass through the mouth and throat. These tips can help make the cum swallowing sessions easier.


Strawberry Cum Swirl Margarita


You can include your cum in popular drinks if you need to totally disguise the flavor. Making a Margarita swirl is fun and can be made into a very fun game, tailored to what you specifically like. Prepare you Margarita glass with coarse salt, as you would a regular alcoholic Margarita. Make a swirl with strawberry syrup in the bottom of the glass.

During your orgasm, place your semen inside the glass. If that is too difficult, collect the semen in an empty condom, one without spermicide. Using a condom without spermicide ensures the taste of the cum will not change. Also, spermicide is not made for ingestion, so whenever possible use a condom without it.

When the cum is in the glass, mix 1 1/2 oz of tequila, 1/2 oz of triple sec, and 3 oz of sour mix (this is optional) and drink as you would a regular Margarita. The sour mix is optional because of the cum that is inside the glass. Sour mix can overcome the taste of cum.  If this is your preference, then you can add the sour mix. If you want to sweeten the margarita, try drinking smoothies or eating fruit a day or two before deciding to swallow your cum. You will be able to tell the difference in the taste of your cum in the Margarita by adding or removing foods in your diet.


Changing the Flavor Of Your Cum


Depending on a guy’s diet, semen can have a salty or sweet taste. Vegetarian males are known to have sweeter tasting cum because of the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables. If you want to change the taste of your cum, add or remove things from your diet at least 2 days before your cum swallowing session. Fruits like pineapple, oranges or orange juice will sweeten your cum. Red meat, garlic, and fish will make your cum taste bitter or salty. You can play with different foods to find out how it affects your cum. You will be able to prepare yourself and your partner an extra nice treat, once you find out what works best for you, when changing the flavor of your cum.

Finding the Perfect Position To Swallow Your Cum

When you are getting into a self sucking position, it’s important to be as flexible as possible. Try lying on your back and placing your feet over your head. Stay in this position for five minutes, since it may take that much time, or longer, for you to cum. If you find yourself having trouble with this position, that means you will need to find another position that works for you. You may need to use gadgets to catch your cum, so you will be able to taste it.

You can create or practice positions that will allow you to taste your own cum. If you are flexible and don’t mind trying the self sucking position, you can swallow your cum without much of a mess. Self sucking also allows for the cum to go directly down your throat. This helps if you want to skip the tasting part the first few times.

If you have a partner, you can have them help you get into position, if necessary. Another self sucking position involves you kneeling down and bending over to perform a self suck. Self sucking, in any position, ensures that you will receive all of the cum and you have the option of bypassing the taste of the semen.

Whether you decide to involve a partner or not, swallowing your cum should be a pleasurable experience. Try to incorporate your own ideas and positions to heighten the pleasure. Ask your wife or lover to get involved and give you tips that she may use. Remember, your cum is not a waste product of the body.  There is nothing wrong with trying this and liking it. Once you are comfortable with swallowing your own cum, invent ways to swallow it and keep it fun.


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