She Swallows Your Cum and So Should You!


She swallows your cum and so should you! If you are here and reading this article, it is likely you have been asked this question. Whether it is your wife, girlfriend or partner, why should she be expected to swallow, if you won’t do the same? It is even true that the majority of men enjoy a woman tasting her own juices, so why won’t men taste their own cum?


Myth: Swallowing Your Cum Makes You Gay


This myth stands up as well as a wet towel, which is to say, not very well at all. While many gay men do enjoy eating cum, every person has preferences unique to them and most of them, individually, do not determine our sexual orientation. Many straight men enjoy playing with, tasting and swallowing their own cum. They still manage to enjoy women, too! Eating cum does not determine whether you are straight, gay or bisexual.


Myth: Cum Tastes Bad


Cum can be an acquired taste. And it does not always taste good. But the taste of a man’s semen depends on his diet. Foods such as red meat, asparagus, and even alcohol and cigarettes, can adversely affect the taste of cum.

High fructose foods such as fruit, (pineapple, in particular), may increase the sweetness and make it taste more desirable. While cum may sometimes taste bad, it does not have to taste that way. The easiest way to make cum taste better is to eat plenty of pineapple 2 days before you consume your cum. You should do this whether she swallows your cum, or you do.


Myth: Swallowing Your Cum Will Make You Sick


On rare occasions, people can have adverse reactions to semen. It is not common. However, many people do not try, through fear of becoming ill. True allergic reactions are extremely rare cases and unlikely to happen to the majority of people. It is likely that if this is the case, you will be aware of it before you have had a chance to drink cum. Some people feel a nauseous sensation the first few times they drink cum.  However, it is often short lived and does not result in vomiting. This sensation usually passes after the first few times.

Many men have preconceptions about what eating their own cum means. Most of these are myths that are passed down through generations. It is time to dispel the myths, so all that is left is personal preference.


Myth: Cum Is Disgusting


It is always amusing to hear this from a man who expects his partner to orally pleasure him.  Or, indeed, from a man who orally pleasures his partner. Cum is the male equivalent of the juices that flow from a woman’s pussy.  And no more harmful or ‘disgusting’ than such other bodily fluids.

When men refuse to even taste their own cum, they are creating a double standard in which women are expected to do something that the man will not. If you refuse to even kiss your partner after she has swallowed your cum, why should she swallow it in the first place? If you have ever presented to her your pussy juice coated fingers, and requested her to lick them, why is it you will not do the same for her?

Some people may not enjoy the taste or the texture. However, the men, who often claim it is not to their preference, have rarely tried to enjoy this thick, pleasurable liquid. Cum is a symbol of all that is sexual, sensual and fun. It’s the reward of carrying out pleasurable activities. It is capable of being delicious, sexy and a whole lot of fun to play with. It is definitely worth putting this preconception aside to see what fun cum can be.

Secret to Success

If you wish to be a respectful and considerate partner, it is time to put any preconceptions or prejudices aside and come to a compromise that makes both partners happy. The secret of any successful relationship is the willingness to be good, giving and game in sexual situations. This means trying new things that interest your partner and taking that step to taste your own juices for her pleasure.

In the grand scheme of things, there are a lot worse things a partner can request than to swallow your cum, something that is good, healthy and home grown. Any woman appreciates the sacrifice a man makes for the sake of her pleasure. And many have the ability to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Many men grow to enjoy the taste of their own juices and you may find that you like to swallow your own cum, too!


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