The Cum Eating Positions


When you are ready to explore eating your cum, you will need to allow time to find the cum eating positions you like best. Cum is male ejaculate that is expressed during an orgasm. When a guy ejaculates, the semen is released from the penis and proceeds to flow out of the body.  The semen is what you taste when you eat cum. If you haven’t tasted your cum already, you may be in for a surprise. You want to sample some before trying to eat a considerable amount.

How to Find a Position That Works for You


There are many positions you can form to make sure your cum reaches your mouth. The real question is how flexible are you?  And what are you willing to try?  The most common way to eat cum is to lick it off of your fingers, hand, or thighs after you ejaculate.

However, this doesn’t always provide the most thrilling sensation or heighten your pleasure. So, if you are flexible, or double jointed as some people say, you may be able to insert your penis into your mouth without any problems. The best way to find your position is to play with different positions before you decide to engage in your cum eating session.

If you want to be creative with your positioning, create one from some of your favorites. Take your favorite positions and include them in a new position. If you prefer to stand up, like you were receiving head from your wife or lover, stand in that position.

Use a condom to catch the cum and tie the end after you are done. Poke a hole in the condom to let the semen drip out and get into a kneeling position to receive your cum out of the condom. Use a condom that does not have spermicide inside. Spermicide is probably safe to ingest, but it is not recommended.  Plus, it can change the taste of your cum inside the condom.


Cum Eating Positions To Consider


For those who want to try something different, you can try the self suck position. This involves lying on your back and tossing your legs over your head. Your bottom will be in the air.  You will then be able to use your hands to insert your cock into your mouth.

To practice this position, try to flip your legs over your head and hold them there for 5 to 7 minutes. You want to make sure your body is comfortable for a prolonged period of time, since it may take you a while to cum. Another self sucking position is when you take a kneeling position.  Then bend over to place your mouth on your cock. Both of these positions will allow the cum to flow into your mouth easily and reduce clean up.


If you are not comfortable in the more flexible positions, you can catch your cum and eat or drink it once you are done ejaculating. You can take a funnel and attach a clear tube near the small opening. Perform your self pleasure anyway you like, and when you are ready to cum, position your cock over the funnel and allow it to drip in.

You will need to cap the loose end of the funnel or turn the tubing upward to prevent it from spilling out before you can get to it. Suck the semen out of the tubing once you are done and eat your own cum this way.

Another way to position yourself for a cum eating session is to use your wife or lover as a landing pad for your cum. Once you reach your orgasmic peak, shoot your cum on them. Choose a part of their body that is easily accessible.

If the cum gets into a crease or an unintended hole, you may find it extremely fun eating your own cum. Sometimes, it is hard to control where semen lands.  So, the place you choose to ejaculate should be close, for accurate placement, and not very far away.


Practice Makes Perfect


Searching for the right position, when you want to eat your own cum, may take a while to perfect. Having an open and creative mind will pay off in the end. Play with the ideas in your head, then practice them until you are ready to have your cum eating session.

You will be able to find things that work and things that won’t work rather easily. The last thing you want is to miss out on the perfect cum because you were in a position that caused pain or was undesirable.


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