Turning Your Cum Eating Fantasies Into Reality


My cum eating fantasies were always kept a secret.  I wanted to eat cum. More than that, I wanted someone to feed my cum to me. I was happy with my own, but it was not the sort of thing that my wife and I ever discussed. She’s pretty, petite and blonde. But she comes from a background where sex was never discussed.

Ours was always the missionary position and we never engaged in oral. Living together and with both of us working similar shifts, I rarely had an hour to myself. Consequently, I never thought I could get away with testing my fantasy. So, it remained that, a fantasy, something I dreamed about in secret.

After a particularly chaotic week at work, and the wife at a work party, I found myself alone and seeking a way to relieve my frustrations. Therefore, I had indulged in a couple of drinks and I may not have been in the best place to make a decision. As a result, I ended up on the phone talking to a coached cum eating Mistress.

I wasn’t really into the whole BDSM scene, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, plus a compromise to my fantasy. Oh it was heaven! She knew exactly what to say to press my buttons and it wasn’t long before I was rock hard, in ecstasy at the thought of things to cum. She had instructed me to catch it in the palm of my hand but was very insistent that I wait and build up the tension. I was only allowed to cum on her command. Well, it certainly did heighten the experience, so much so that I hadn’t heard my wife enter the house.


Caught With My Pants Down


There I was, my trousers dropped around my ankles, cock in hand, moaning over the phone to a Mistress I had never met, when I heard her sigh. At that point, I froze, slowly turning my head to see her disapproving look from across the room. Her slender figure leaning against the door frame, wrapped in a long black dress, high heels encasing her pale feet and deep blue toenails. My glance quickly returned to her face, her long blonde hair framing a glare so powerful I started to wilt in my hand.

I had forgotten about the phone, in shock, as she walked toward me and took it from my hand. Of course, she placed it to her ear and said, ‘Hello?’ in a demanding tone. She walked away towards the en suite bathroom and I heard the click of the lock on the door. My palms were sweating, as my heart raced.  This was it, I thought. I was in trouble. Where would I go? I pulled my trousers up, fastening only the zip, my belt and button hanging loose. I sat on the bed and wondered what was going to happen next.

Finally, I heard the click of the lock and could barely bring myself to meet her eyes. As I looked up, I saw a different expression. She was still on the phone. With a devious smile, she said, ‘Thank you, I’ll take it from here.’ She tossed the phone onto the bed, her smile concerning me. Was she laughing at me? Did she find this funny? My mind raced, worried I was about to be humiliated in front of all our mutual friends and her family! Would they all hear about this?


She Ensures My Cum Eating Fantasies Become Reality 


Her smile faded and a stern look returned to her face. ‘Take your trousers off,’ she said to me. Startled, I froze, not knowing what was going on. Then her lips pursed as she said, ‘So you’ll take them off for her, but not for me?’ while nodding towards the phone. She walked towards me, yanking down my zip as I looked at her in wonder. ‘Off,’ she said and I didn’t hesitate again, kicking my trousers to the floor. ‘You’ve been a very naughty boy. Now you’re going to have to face the consequences.’

My mind was filled with terror and wonder, only slightly comforted as she touched my hand. She firmly moved it to my cock and said, ‘Continue.’ I obeyed, rubbing my exposed cock cautiously, as she watched. Her smile started to return and I began to feel more comfortable as the building orgasm washed over me. As I was ready to explode, I felt her hand cover my tip, catching what felt like a river of cum erupting out of me.

You Should Have Told Me

Before I knew what was happening, her hand met my mouth.  She smeared the hot mess over my lips, stifling my surprise. ‘Eat it,’ she said.  ‘You’ve made a mess, now clean it up!’  She didn’t give me a chance to disagree.  So I opened my mouth, licking every drop my tongue could reach from her palm pressed into my face.

As I finished, I looked at her face, a satisfied smile taking the place of the worrying look she had before. ‘If you were into this sort of thing, you should have just told me,’ she said, the smile not leaving her face as she moved towards the door. She paused briefly and told me to clean up in time for dinner, leaving me sitting in wonder, as I heard her heels click their way down the stairs.