Turning Your Cum Eating Fantasy Into Reality


Are you eager to turn your cum eating fantasy into reality, but unsure just how to do so? The most common definition for cum is male ejaculate, which emerges during an orgasm. When you are ready to start your exploration into the fantasy of cum eating, you should be knowledgeable about techniques and common procedures.

While the obvious way to taste your own cum is to lick your hand or wherever the cum has landed, there are more pleasurable ways of eating cum. You will want to try a few different things to find out what is going to work best for you. After all, the reason you want to experience cum tasting is, indeed, for the pleasure.


Will Your Partner Help You Realize Your Fantasy?


First, for those with wives or partners willing to participate as you taste your own cum, you will need to discuss a few points. You don’t want to try and taste your cum with an unwilling partner. Make sure they are willing to be turned on by you eating your cum.

Find out if they are willing to be a landing spot for the cum. This way all you have to do is lick it up. Does this seem like a sexy idea to them? These are important points.  Because if they are not ready, willing and able, then you may need to do this on your own.


Make a Plan To Realize Your Cum Eating Fantasy


When using another person, help them understand that you want to pleasurably eat your cum once you have an orgasm. Have a game plan, because once the semen starts to make its way out of the penis, you have mere seconds to enjoy it while it’s hot.

If they will be the landing place for your cum, make sure they are in an easily accessible position. Once you are done cumming, you will want to make a quick swoop to lick the cum. If you’re trying to achieve your cum eating with a self-suck position, have your partner help position your penis in the best way for you to catch every drop that comes out.


Flexibility Helps Self-Suckers


If you will be fulfilling your fantasy solo, find a friendly cum eating position that works for you. You may need to use gadgets to catch your cum, so you will be able to taste it. If you are blessed with flexibility, perhaps a little auto fellatio, also known as self-sucking is a good option for you to be successful in fulfilling your cum eating fantasy.


Tools and Gadgets To Help Realize Your Cum Eating Fantasy


You can try using a funnel and tube to catch, then taste, your cum. Let the cum drip into the funnel, making sure the tube is turned upward. Once you have finished cumming, sip the cum through the tubing to fulfill your fantasy of tasting your own cum.

Another creative way to eat your own cum is to use a condom with no spermicide. After you cum in the condom, tie the end.  Then poke a hole through the condom and let the cum slowly drip into your mouth. The cum will still be body temperature, not messy and provide a satisfying experience.


Tailor Your Cum’s Flavor


If you find that your cum is too salty or doesn’t taste as good as you hoped, you can add a few things to your diet. Sex shops have special pills and sweeteners to ingest a few minutes before your orgasm. However, you do not need to take these to make your cum sweeter.

Adding things like pineapple, stevia (a sugar substitute), and orange juice can sweeten your cum naturally. You should increase your intake 1 to 2 days before having a cum tasting session. You will be able to explore the differences over time and find which additions you like best.

Bringing your fantasy of cum eating into reality can be both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. When you explore many options, you will be able to formulate the perfect fantasy. A lot of men find they need to heighten the experience after a while.

Later, you may need to take extra steps, like adding fruit to sweeten the cum, to make tasting your cum the most pleasurable. But in the beginning, exploration is the key to enjoying your fantasy of cum eating.