Why Do So Many Men Fantasize About Eating Their Own Cum?


There are endless reasons behind why men fantasize about eating cum.  But why are there so many that revel in the fantasy of devouring their own? The reason for each desire is different, but there are some common themes among them. Cum eating is a very common fantasy that many men share, even though many of them don’t talk about it. The reasons vary between each individual.  But there are some common themes that may help determine why so many of them want to eat their own cum.

Some men enjoy the taste of semen and find it pleasurable. Just as some people either love or hate the taste of certain foods, the same seems to be true of bodily fluids. With the erotic scenarios that lead to the production of the creamy by-product, it is no surprise that fantasies evolve around the act of consuming cum. The texture is something unique and different, too.  Some enjoy the smooth sensation of it sliding down their throats.  Anyone, of any gender and sexual orientation, can love cum. Sometimes, it is simply just a big turn on for an individual.


Coaxed Into Eating Cum


It is also true that men can be coaxed into this cum eating fantasy, often by female partners. A submissive man, who has never consumed his own juices, may find an erotic thrill in his partner ‘forcing’ him to taste them. Some men find they have this fantasy prior to acting it out, while others grow to enjoy it through repeat performances. A man, repeatedly subjected to eating cum during erotic scenarios, may find he begins to crave it.

The brain is capable of linking stimulation to various objects or acts and these, eventually, become triggers. It can happen in BDSM scenarios where the focus is on pleasing a Mistress. The slave comes to enjoy it, simply to satisfy her. This is a more extreme take on slightly dominant partners. Submissive people tend to do things they would not otherwise do, to please the dominant partner.  It is not surprising when some of these become enjoyable and even desired.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Some men find it completes the act of masturbation. Particularly if a man is capable of self sucking, it adds a certain sense of satisfaction to completing the end goal. Men can spend years learning and training to fellate themselves.  With such a long and arduous path, achieving that symbol of completion can add to the excitement. Drinking the cum that stems from all the hard work can lead to a huge sense of achievement and self satisfaction.

Eating Cum: Taboo = Turn-on


It is also true that some men receive pleasure from carrying out acts that are seen as ‘taboo’ and find cum eating satisfies those desires. Indulging in an act that is ‘naughty,’ or otherwise not socially accepted, is the main motivation for these fetishists. Occasionally, men may find that their usual masturbation routine becomes stale and so try to step things up. Cum eating is a natural progression, as it is the easiest and most readily available new twist on standard masturbation. Simple curiosity can soon lead to a fantasy of something that they feel they should not be doing.


Myth: Cum Is Disgusting

Cum Eating Is One Of the Most Common Fantasies


In the long run, it is probably the most common event that is a reversal of traditional roles. Most men view pornography that depicts women swallowing cum and treated as subjectively inferior to the male. Men, turned on by role reversal, can feel this act reverses that, placing them as submissive. Humiliation may come into play on varying levels, but it is usually the shift of power that has the desired effect. Many men, who enjoy eating cum, enjoy having it fed to them by a partner, enforcing the role reversal.

Fantasies generally begin when a man harbors a desire that he feels cannot be fulfilled. The barriers may be psychological or physical.  But as the desire is left to grow, it becomes more intense. Cum eating is put off by many men who, alone, are not comfortable enough to try it. Even a simple curiosity can become a full blown fantasy, if it is not acted out and fulfilled. Of course, fantasies develop in other ways, too.  And, as is often the case,  one may develop after curiosity and action have run their course. Sometimes a fantasy is just part of who a man is, and what he finds a turn-on.