Licking Your Cum Off Her Body


Licking your cum off her body can be such an erotic experience. Personally, I adore the whole amazing act, from start to finish. The long, slow build up of foreplay and the anticipation inspired by the knowledge of what’s to come. The incredible feelings, as she brings you to the edge and back again, over and over. And the smile on her face as she eagerly awaits the rewards of her work. Her naked body trembling as your fingers gently encourage her horny, wet pussy.


Coating her Body from Top to Toe


And then the climax, the explosion of colors as the orgasm hits, taking over your body in almost uncontrollable spasms. If you can keep your eyes open, you get to watch the sea of pearlescent white spray, like milky-white lava erupting from a heaving volcano. It splashes out, coating her body with cum from top to toe. The thin, white threads flowing tantalizingly over the soft mounds of her trembling breasts. Her pert nipples standing at attention, like islands in the ocean of cum.

The splatter is still joined to you by a single thread that wraps around your finger, before you pull it towards your eager lips. As you watch it land and settle, you clean your own tip with one finger, catching all the stray droplets that didn’t make it far enough. The sweet, salty taste on your tongue, making your mouth water, is just a starter before the main course.


Tracing the Droplets of Cum with your Tongue


The rivulets, of creamy white, flow down her slender ribs as you clean that last, teasing drop from your finger, rolling faster as they meet the soft slope of her stomach. They continue to move, rolling, flowing, collecting in a little pool in her belly button. The taste of your cum makes you want more, but you can’t help but watch. The pool soon overflows and the molten liquid resumes its path towards her pale, toned thighs.

You lean forward, your tongue intent on meeting the swollen pink button between her wet, pussy lips. She twitches in pleasure. A soft moan escapes her lips. Your tongue traces its way upwards to meet the droplets that made it down to her hips. Working upwards and tracing the contours of her body, you drink down the opaque white glaze of cum. Up past the curves of her hips, first one side and then the other, leaving a thin strip in the middle.

In like fashion, you drink your way up towards the lake at the center of her stomach. Your lips close around it, gently sucking, intent on imbibing every last drop of the sweet nectar. Your tongue meets her flesh once more, gliding over her ribcage, leaving uniform strips of bare flesh between the coating of cum.


Tongues Intertwining with the Taste of Cum


She breathes heavier as you cup her breasts, positioning them just right to take in the view. You start underneath, licking around each one, getting closer to the center while never touching. Her nipples stay pert as your tongue circles them. Assuringly, your teasing is acknowledged by her moans and the way her breasts heave in your hands.

Finally you finish, your tongue pausing to flicker over each nipple, moving from side to side and lapping up any last drops in between. The sweet taste of your cum lingers on your tongue and you feel the need to share it with her. You lean to kiss her, your tongues entwining, enjoying the fragrant taste and scent of the moment you just shared.


Licking Cum off Her Body: An Erotic Adventure!


There is no one part that can be singled out that can explain what is so hot about licking your cum off her body. The entire adventure is a whole. Your two bodies, separate but working together, inspired by each other’s touch and subtle motions, is what makes it so hot. The fact is that you can share a desire between two people with no judgment and only intense pleasure.

There is no comparison to the feeling of a fetish shared between two people, perfectly matched for that short period of time. It is something every man should try, if only once. Everyone dreams of licking maple syrup off a woman’s body. I find cum even hotter, although I have tried both at once. The thick, golden syrup mixing in swirls with the thinner, milky white juice is certainly a vision that should be seen and never passed up.

If you don’t understand what is so hot about licking your cum off a woman’s body then I urge you to try it and see for yourself. It is intense and almost a magical experience, if not just a more elaborate way to spend those last few minutes of sex.


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