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Below are a variety of cum eating fetish articles for your perusing pleasure.


While you might have never thought about eating your own cum, the idea of being a Cuckold Cum Eater has finally caught your attention.  How would you get to the point that you could finally eat cum – yours or someone else’s?  Specifically, Let Mistress Daphne teach you to be a Cuckold Cum Eater in 3 easy steps!

My husband would always make the very convenient mistake of telling me things that he “could never imagine himself doing,” but this was really his way of revealing to me the things that he wanted to explore. He often NEEDED me to push him to fulfill his own kinky desires. That’s how we wound up exploring his cum eating and cocksucking fantasies. Read Cum Eating and Cocksucking for more!

What is the best way to control a male submissive? The answer to this question is very simple: Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Male Chastity, and, of course, Ruined Orgasm. These ideas are all very well-known and oft used. One other concept that some femdom Mistresses find to be particularly successful is coerced cum eating. Read Tease And Denial Masturbation And Cum Eating to learn more. 

Why should you eat your own cum? Ms. Simone tells you why, in why eat your own cum?

Ms. Ryan discusses the differences between cum eaters and cock suckers, and her training regimen for each, in cum eaters and cock suckers.

While many men will not admit it, the thought of eating cum is quite a common fantasy. In fact, eating cum is one of the most common fantasies men have, though from fear of being chastised, they won’t admit that eating cum is a such a big turnon for them.

What do you think? Is eating your own cum kinky or crazy? Some think eating cum is just a fun kink, while other’s think it is downright crazy. Read this article if you are still wondering if eating your cum is for you.

If you think it’s kinky, do you think your wife or girlfriend would indulge you in your cum eating perversion? Not sure? In that case, here are some ideas on how to share your cum eating fetish with her.

Have you ever accidentally tasted cum? Read one man’s story of how he became an accidental cum eater.

Have you ever assumed “the position” and given yourself a cum facial? Would you like to? Ms. Marlena discusses self facials and eating your cum.

Are you cum curious? Do you wonder what your cum would taste like, but aren’t sure how to make that happen? Read eating your own cum: where to begin.

Still not sold on the whole “eating your own cum” thing? Regardless, read this HOT story about a man who made an erotic art out of licking his cum off her body.

Turning eating cum into a game could be just what the doctor ordered, to help you follow through with your cum eater fantasy.

Maybe the fact that cum is packed with protein and other healthy trace elements is enough to convince you to eat your cum. Would you turn into a cum eater if you knew eating cum was good for you?

You know it shouldn’t appeal to you. You keep telling yourself it is downright gross to even think about it. Yet, here you are fantasizing about her making you eat your own cum out of the condom. Read one man’s story of eating cum from a condom.

You fantasize about eating your cum every time you masturbate. But when the big “O” arrives, it takes with it the desire to follow through on your cum eater fantasy. Why do men suddenly lose the urge to eat their cum when they orgasm?

Before your next cum eater fantasy masturbation session, you may also want to take a gander at how to turn your cum eater fantasy into a reality. Here’s another perspective on making your cum eater fantasy a reality.

You secretly crave the taste of cum and eat your own cum all the time. Consequently, Does eating your cum make you gay?

She’s giving you an amazing blowjob and you’re getting ready to blow. You know she’s going to swallow and she knows you love it when she does. Did it ever occur to you that she’d like to see you swallow your cum too?

Perhaps you’ve thought about what it would taste like, but never attempted it. Nevertheless, She swallows, so why won’t you?

Okay, let’s assume you’ve finally decided you do want to try eating your cum and now you’re worried about what it will taste like. No worries. Surprisingly, you can control the taste of your cum with your diet!

What does eating your own cum and bukkake have in common? What is the difference? Read all about it in eating your own cum versus bukkake: which is hotter?

You know you will not follow through if you collect your cum first and try to eat it. So, how can you make it happen? Read about the cum eater positions.

Does eating your own cum and self sucking go hand in hand? Do all self suckers eat their cum? Read eating your own cum and self sucking and how stepping it up a notch can turn eating your own cum into self sucking.

Do you think bukkake leads to eating your own cum? In that case,  Which do you think is hotter; eating your own cum or bukkake?


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