Why Eat Your Own Cum?

by Ms. Simone of www.kinkyphonemistress.com

There are so many reasons to eat your own cum. Firstly, it’s like any fetish. It feels good and asking why you want to do it sort of negates the joy of doing it. Secondly, if you must have a logical reason, other then because My Mistress told me to do it, then you should know this. Eating your own cum is very good and healthy for you.  Furthermore, you should know how you taste, if you want others to taste you. In short, if you ever want a blow job, you must know how you taste. A chef knows that you never serve something that you have not tasted. This is Basic Cooking 101. The same applies here.


Can I Eat It With Food Or Drink?


YES! Actually, this is great for beginners. First of all, you will need to change your mindset about what semen is. Semen is not a filth-ridden substance. On the contrary, it is the elixir of life. It is the fountain of youth and all you need to do is have an orgasm to obtain it. You drink coffee every day. Add your milk or cream and sugar to taste. Then add your semen. Cum right into your coffee cup and stir it, then drink it. When you are just starting to eat your own cum, it’s important to drink the cum as soon as you make it. Otherwise, the chances of you backing out are really high. Remember, it’s not filthy. It’s pure and it’s the elixir of life.


Make Cum Filled Ice Cubes


If you find that you can’t do it as soon as you make your cum, go ahead and put it into ice cube trays. You will need to cum several times to make a full tray. Once you’ve made the whole tray, then you can start making your favorite beverages with your cum. Begin with your favorite carbonated drink. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a Mountain Dew with a bit of a twist to it. Not only will the caffeine wake you up, but the cum will give you that warm fuzzy feeling that you just carried out your Mistress’s bidding.


Cum Omelet


Now that you’ve used cum in your soft drink, you will be ready to advance to breakfast. Beat off into a bowl, then crack open three eggs.  Add milk, salt, and pepper and whip the eggs into a nice, fluffy omelet. You might add your favorite cheese, meats and veggies as well. Cook until done and sit down and have your first cum-filled omelet. You will find that it is not just fun to make, but wonderful to eat. There is nothing like the thrill of being a bit naughty in the morning.


Cum Yogurt


Every person should have yogurt with their breakfast. It’s really good for you. I recommend having a Greek yogurt and adding another load of cum to that. You will hardly notice the cum in it. It adds to the flavor of the yogurt and overall nutrition, in My opinion. Also, remember, it’s the elixir of life. How can you go wrong with that? I look forward to hearing about the results of eating your cum for breakfast. Speak to a Coached Cum Eating Mistress today, for more details.


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